Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays... :(

What a gray, rainy, wet day! :( BUT I am glad to be here, typing away at my computer, while all my little seniors are getting ready for prom on Thursday and sighing happy sighs that school is, for all intents and purposes, OVAH... :)

I too, am SO glad! :) Is that wrong of me? To be glad to be bidding farewell to the young ladies who tormented, frustrated, and terrorized me with their senioritis for the the past few months? But who, nevertheless, will ALWAYS hold such a special place in my heart? I will miss them, I believe, once the summer is over and I do not hear their (LOUD!!) voices in the hallways... or their infectious laughter... the BA graduating class of 2011 is such a dynamic, energetic group full of POTENTIAL, and I truly hope to be able to witness some of their continued growth...

The biggest hazard of my profession, besides going gray early, is the fact that you lose a piece of your heart to each special student who crosses your path. And you hope beyond hope that they will remember you fondly and hold onto the life lessons you tried so hard to impart on them. Content aside (I mean, really, once you graduate, who CARES what an asyndeton is??), I do hope I was able to touch their lives in a fraction of the way they touched mine...

In particular, Emilie, who is the most dedicated and passionate individual I have ever met...senioritis aside, this Princeton bound young woman is going to take the world by a storm... And Chisom. Who will EVER forget Chisom? Such a huge smile... and the "ahem" before her speech (really, it's better than the Snickers commercials when you need a moment to think... she ALWAYS clears her throat before BSing!!). And Carolline. Oh. My. Goodness. This kid was the BIGGEST pain in my rear all year long. She did NOTHING. And gave me a headache with her stories to make up for why her work was just NEVER completed. But then she turned out to be the absolute BEST writer I've ever had the pleasure to read... if only I could've read MORE of her work, her "shout out" would be VERY different! :) And Paola... Oh wow, this kid is the sweetest thing since apple pie... but she came out with the FUNNIEST out of left field comments EVER... Our valedictorian Geraline... I offended her once by implying she was on the rag, lol... I don't think she has ever forgiven me... My lovely Christie. The Meanest Mean girl in the class, but with the most heart...Chelsea (or was it Sara?) who wanted to trip me in the hallway but refrained from doing so because I was pregnant (Elijah thanks you for that...). Ugh, I think I'm going to go home and cry now. Tears of joy that the stress is OVER, but also some tears of sadness because they will be missed... With love...

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  1. Sounds like you have given a piece of your heart away to each of your students. What an amazing teacher you must be, and it's wonderful reading about how rewarding you find your job xx
    Hope you can relax and enjoy your vacation and spend some time with your gorgeous family.


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