Friday, June 12, 2009

"One subject only engaged the ladies till coffee came in" (Sense and Sensibility)

My love of Austen... My love of coffee... My love of satire... My love of card making... My love of a cup of coffee while reading Austen. My love of scrapping... My love of a cup of coffee while crafting...

My satirical coffee invitation card? (The inside reads "Coffee")

My slovenly art. :) Hey, if Austen says an artist is not slovenly, then this is NORMAL...

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  1. she's TOO awesome. i love that you didn't even colour her in!
    YAY for your new blog - it looks ab-fab, darlin'!!

    as for the vellum things - they don't really disappear (but they are still useful for making the vellum STICK!). i'll post an example the next time i'm inclined to play with the vellum stuff.



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