Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"A lady's imagination is very rampant" (Pride and Prejudice)

My imagination has DEFINITELY been running rampant these days, but I've been WAY too tired to capitalize on all the gorgeous things I'd LIKE to be creating... It's been MONTHS since I've scrapped a page (have I mentioned that before?), but I AM still motivated to get some thank you cards done before my pending baby shower... :)
This one was done using a Whiff of Joy sketch from two weeks ago and the colors from this week's Color Dare, and lots of "Sparkle" for the ABC "s" challenge, as well as Creative Belli's Die Cut Shapes challenge (had LOTS of fun whipping out the Cricut once I FOUND it...)! AND of course, it wouldn't be an Adina Medina card without some distressing (now that I FINALLY found my missing Edge Distressor!!!) (Check out Crafty Creations' Distressing Challenge this week, which prompted me to pull the sucker out!) :)
Thanks for looking bloggers, AND be sure to tune into Design Dollies sometime soon... All I will say is if you're NOT a follower, you may want to become one SOON, cause goodies are coming your way... And if you ARE a follower, well... keep following lol! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

LAST one for the vacation...

One final look at Miss Mae before I pack up the scrap crap and put it away until next mini-vacation... It's been fun getting scrappy again, but I SERIOUSLY need to scrap layouts next time around...
This card was created to support the Town Scrapper's Autism drive (check it out, it's for a GREAT cause!), and also used the Eat, Sleep, Stamp sketch... And I used my dusty old stamps to create the "Springish" background inspired by Mae's basket of poisies, as requested by Challenge Up Your Life! :) AND, to top it off, we have something old (the OLD stamps used for the background paper), something new (a brandie new Mae image that's not available until April 20th, but you can download the freebie all this month!!), and something Sweet... Isn't Mae the sweetest?? :) Cooking it up with Katie asked for that unique little combo, and it DEFINITELY helped make Mae look sweeter in this little project!!

And with that, I have GOT t run and take Melanie to a play date, but I wish you all happy scrapping!!

"One cannot be always laughing at a man without now and then stumbling on something witty." (Pride & Prejudice)

I squeezed in ONE more quick card in honor of my Stepmom's birthday on the 14th... And now I have to run to the post office to mail it out on time!! :)
Let's see... this one was made using the I {heart} 2 Stamp Sketch, the Kraftin' Kimmie Color Challenge (OMG did you SEE the Marie Antoinette stamp?? I am going to HAVE to find a way to get her!!!), a Bow according to the Our Creative Corner Challenge, and of course, it's a birthday card as required by Stamp, Scrap & Doodle... Hubby is painting the living room today to spruce up the house for sale, so if I can MANAGE to squeeze another in while he's busy, then I may be back again... otherwise, my scrappy mojo may be over for a time being, since it's back to work Monday! And, um, yeah, I DID say I'd stop making cards, but I haven't scrapped a layout in so long I think I've forgotten how!!! Any ideas on how to jump back into it? I do believe it has to do with the right PICTURES, but, well.... I'm stumped!! :)

Enjoy a wonderful day!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"If things are going untowardly one month, they are sure to mend the next." (Emma)

So I was having a rough day... the realtor came and put up the For Sale sign at our house, and although I am slowly talking myself into the knowledge that a move would be a good thing for us, moving at seven or eight or nine months pregnant and leaving behind the only home we've ever owned... well, that's a heavy emotional step for us right now. BUT I know that God has a plan and He will take us to where He feels we belong.

And my darling friends, Leah and Kristy, totally felt my pain this afternoon... And they TOTALLY cheered me up by enabling my creative juices and sending me MAE!!!!!!!! :) In MUCH appreciation, I put the child to bed early, kicked the husband out to watch the baseball game, and sat at my croweded dining room table to craft this little card for the SOG Sketch Challenge and the Res-Q Challenge (blue, flowers, pattern) this week.... And Mae DOES make me smile! :)

Mae will be available to the public on April 20th, but the more I get to know her, the more I'm sure she is going to be my FAVORITE digi ever... AND you can download a Freebie of Mae courtesy of Some Odd Girl ALL month long!! Now that my heart is peaceful again, I think I'll hit the sack, lol, for as long as my little kicker allows! Have a wonderful evening bloggers!

Merci Beaucoup... And a blog hop...

I love days off... when I'm NOT cleaning! :) Today I took a April in Paris blog hop just for the fun of it, and "toured" the streets of Paris!! :) Which inspired my little thank you card featuring an awfully hard to color Ketto, lol! :)

Some Dollilicious Work...

Although I have mentally sworn off cardmaking due to the huge volume I had to produce for my students, I think I'm over it now... And I have to start making thank you cards for my upcoming Baby Shower! :)

This week's Element's Challenge at Design Dollies is to use the theme of "April Showers bring May Flowers" with an element of rain/water in it... So I played with a shower thank you card and glossy accented some elements to make 'em look wet...
And our color challenge this week is to use Dark Green, Yellow, and Rust...
(which I used in a card for one of my 46 students.... I have to start making 'em for NEXT year now so I don't end up rushing as much as I did this time around!!)
And... that's all folks, lol... For now at least. I'm thinking of getting scrappy on my last day of official vacation, but then again, I DO have lesson plans to write and papers to grade... what do YOU think bloggers? Scrap or work? Hee hee... Do head over to the Dollies and check out Kristy's sketch this week and play along for some awesome prizes... in fact, I think I'm heading over there RIGHT now to post my prize for this month's Elements challenges and to pick a winner from March! Happy scrappin!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Charmed, I'm sure...

This week's Town Scrapper challenge is to incorporate a charm into a project, and in order to finalize this card using the much drooled after Whiff of Joy Dancing Willow stamp, I used a previous sketch from the Whiff of Joy Challenge blog, and used this week's recipe (3 papers, 2 buttons, 1 ribbon) as well... AND there's this CUTE site called "Alota Rubber Stamps" that has a 3,2,1 challenge going on this week... with a name like that, well, I couldn't resist playing along! :)
More importantly, I do hope everyone had a wonderful Easter today... We had an uplifting service that reminded us all how joyful it is to serve a Risen Lord, so celebrating definitely helped lift me out of the doldrums... As did this ADORABLE stamp... :) Ciao, bellas...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"'You are in a melancholy humour and fancy that anyone unlike yourself must be happy." (Sense and Sensibility)

It's beautiful outside, but I'm fighting a funk... I SHOULD be happy... First day of Spring break, expecting 70 degree weather, and having a quiet day at home. But still in a funk somehow... SO, I made an Easter card for my mom to snap out of it, lol...
Using Sketch #30 from The Sugar Bowl, I finally had a chance to play along with this week's challenge...AND, my darling Leah is DT coordinator for the Town Scrapper, who had a cool Easter challenge this week to inspire this card's theme...
Playing with Kaylee DID make me smile a bit... especially since it was for Some Odd Girl's first ever Stash/Rainbow challenge... I dug out that paper I've been dying to play with but afraid to cut and found some crushed flowers at the bottom of my box... made me feel a little better to use stuff that's been lying around for the longest! :) And have you SEEN Mae yet? She's ADORABLE, and I can't wait till she's releaseed!! :)

Now I guess it's time to clean up and snap out of it... Hope all is well with YOU bloggers! :)

Candy Winner!!!!!!!!!!

SO.... Here we go. Thank you to everyone who CORRECTLY entered in for my candy by following my blog, commenting about their favorite birthday memory, and posting my candy to their blogs (THEN for any Dollies players who fullfilled the above). I had a great birthday this past month, and I do thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!

SO, I randomized my list of entries:

There were 54 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Amy
  2. Amy
  3. Jude
  4. Leah
  5. Leah
  6. Miislucky
  7. Karen
  8. Amy
  9. TeenaBugg38
  10. Karen
  11. Leah
  12. Beate
  13. Karen
  14. Crystal
  15. Amy
  16. Leah
  17. Leah
  18. Amy
  19. DZMania
  20. Leah
  21. Amy
  22. Denise
  23. Leah
  24. Leah
  25. Grazi
  26. Amy
  27. Crystal
  28. Leah
  29. Karen
  30. Karen
  31. Melissa
  32. Amy
  33. Denise
  34. Karen
  35. Kimmie
  36. Crystal
  37. Liezl
  38. Amy
  39. Karen
  40. Crystal
  41. Karen
  42. Rosa
  43. Alin
  44. Leah
  45. Karen
  46. Ramona
  47. Noga
  48. Karen
  49. Alin
  50. Amy
  51. Karen
  52. Leah
  53. Winged
  54. Karen
And THEN randomized the number order thingy:
Making our winner................. AMY :)
(Girl, you ROCKED those Dollies challenges, btw!!!)

I'll be sending out your goodies this week, and in the meantime, keep playing with Dollies!!! :)