Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"As for admiration, it was always very welcome when it came, but she did not depend on it." (Northanger Abbey)

Ok, two posts in one day... After not posting forever, I know, I know. BUT I just got my picture from ILAA, and I HAD to share... I am sure that I'll scrap this one day soon, but in the meantime, get a load of Melanie's LOOK here... She was LOVING David Archuleta. He was amazing. He was absolutely as sweet as he seemed on TV during last year's American Idol, and he was SO nice to all the fans. His meet and greet was so much fun too!

I had done the meet and greet with the New Kids on the Block earlier this year, and they were great to meet, especially since I had loved them for so long. But there were SO many women and SO many crazy women, that things got a little out of hand. (That's me with the hat next to Joey Mac... Yeah, all I kept thinking was "my hat is actually TOUCHING Joey's hat... I could say NOTHING to him when we kinda were supposed to talk, lol!)

Not so with Archie! He sang TWO songs to us in the acoustic set, and was just so GENUINE. And then we went up for our meet and greet, where Melanie was starstruck... And THEN he answered fan questions and sang another song acapella for us!! It was so worth it... We promised him that we wouldn't post clips from his song set online, so I won't include those, but a picture speaks a thousand words, and this one is definitely worth its weight in gold! David definitely secured a room full of ardent fans that night!!

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