Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Check out the Dollies!! :)

Launching in about three hours is the premeire of the Design Dollies! :) Come check us out and play along for great prizes, challenges, and lots of scrapping fun! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!! :)

So.... I've been MIA for a few weeks because Back to School time came up and, well, for me that meant back to work as well! :) It's been VERY hectic getting back into the work routine after almost a year off, but it's also been ridiculously gratifying...

Melanie started first grade the week before I welcomed my students back to class, and it was just amazing to see my big girl embrace her new school environment so quickly and gracefully. She has only two other girls in her class and eight boys, so thankfully she gets along well with both girls! :)

My students are honestly amazing. I have three sections of seniors, one section of sophomores, and one section of Juniors/Sophomores mixed... Two of the classes are AP level, and in just two weeks we have already gotten so far together. I'm so proud of these ladies many of whom I met first when they were freshmen, and I am honestly impressed with their level of dedication both to God and to their education. I'm sure the year won't be perfect... nothing ever is, but they're starting off on a great foot and doing so very well thus far. Some of them didn't finish their summer reading (which was somewhat to be expected) but that just means I get to teach Wuthering Heights rather than just reviewing it with them... Not a bad deal, to tell the truth.

Onto the Art

The Cafe Mojo challenge this week was to create a project detailing how "Back to School" has affected/changed your daily routine... WELL, since back to school means back to work for me, I created a Back to Work card... of sorts. :) At the very least, being back to work has made me put makeup on everyday and wear heels again... agonizingly at first, no less! (THAT'S another story for another day! :) )