Friday, June 12, 2009

"I entirely agree with you in the main as to the propriety of doing everything one could by way of providing for a child" (Mansfield Park)

As I research the quotes for my posts, I am starting to get SO psyched for the next school year... And this one isn't even done yet!! I posted my summer reading assignments for my seniors, and I can't wait to get back into the classroom... A little birdie told me that some of the girls were already asking about me and what I would be like as a teacher (I taught at this same high school about two years ago; next year's students were freshmen when I was teaching sophomores and juniors). But getting back into the literature is so much FUN.... Makes me want to go back and read more Austen and Bronte... :) Oooh Wuthering Heights!! I'm going to have to dig that out again...

My students' summer reading lists include A Handmaid's Tale, The Screwtape Letters, Wuthering Heights, Northanger Abbey, and The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Oh, and Mrs. Dalloway too! :) Gee, they're going to LOVE me.... :)

MY reading list is a bit... different! :) I just finished My Sister's Keeper (because I refused to see the movie without first reading the book!) and I really really really want to go back and re-read Twilight... I have Great Expectations sitting there waiting to be read because one of the other teachers somehow thought that Dickins represented a multicultural author... Yeah, I didn't quite get that... Which reminds me, I have GOT to try and revise my sophomores' summer reading before they finish their finals... Oh geez, I hope they didn't finish already!! Ok, goodnight bloggers, gotta go google the school and see when the last day of exams is (was??)...

Onto the Art
Being Godparents is relatively new for us... Although technically I'm just Matthew's Godmother, Andrew has TOTALLY taken it upon himself to be the penultimate Godfather... In this layout, Matthew was but an itty bitty thing still, and already a handful... :) This one was done based on a sketch from 52 Sketches.

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  1. I have to tell you, this is one of the most adorable layout's I've seen! So cute!! I love Sassafras~ thanks for following my blog too!!
    xOxO deb


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