Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cutie Patootie...

Hey there blogland! Just a quickie post cause we're in the middle of final exams (thankfully!) and cleaning up and all that good stuff... I'm SO looking forward to the summer months so I can get crafty! But in the meantime, I may have mentioned my darling Leah was around this weekend... Check out HER blog cause I'm sure she's showin' off her FOURTEEN cards... BUT I did get to make THREE measly ones while she visited! :)

THIS one was made using Toby from Some Odd Girl... And since the "manly" challenge is up tonight, I thought I'd squeeze him in there before it expired! :) ALSO, I stumbled across this lil blog called Card Cupids... WELL, their mission is to provide some love to lil' kids who are suffering, via handmade cards, stuffed animals, and the like... Since I've been teaching my students to make cards for troops, I think we're going to add Card Cupids to our list for next year and send some love out to little ones as well... This one is being submitted there cause of Toby's li'l doggie, and I'm DEFINITELY making something with butterflies on it for their newest call for happy mail... And I think I'll enlist Mini Me Melanie to help out too! :)


  1. such a fabulous lil tobie card!! outstanding coloring!

    thanks for playing at some odd girl!

  2. yay! LOVE seeing him up here! i love what you do with your Copics, hunneh! it was a ton of fun hanging out with you!


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