Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! (CLOSED!!!!!!)

March is absolutely my favorite month of the year, even as it always ends up in me being older and older! :) My birthday is coming up on March 14th, and in honor of that event, I'm offering up some yummy CANDY!!!! :)

Included in my box of favorite things:
  • Webster's Pages:
    Lullaby Lane and Life's Portrait Petite Papers
    Lullaby Lane Deluxe Journaling Card Set
    Silhouettes Self Adhesive Cameos
  • Sassafras Lass:
    Snack Attack Felities
    Cherry Sweet Treats Cardstock Stickers
    Cherry Delicious Wee Bundle
  • Basic Grey
    Offbeat Rubons
    Opaline Half Pearls (Mauve and Gray)
  • Kaiser
    Self Adhesive Pearls (Blush and Ice Green)
  • Close to My Heart
    Colonial White/Sweet Leaf Embellishments
    Chocolate Shades Collection Mini Medley
  • Tattered Angels
    Golden Terracotta Glimmer Mist
  • The Paper Loft
    Now and Then Old Timer Journaling Card
    Storybook Pages Love and Romance Card
  • Prima
    Pebbles Cailloux

So here are the logistics:
  • If you already ARE a follower, please comment below and share YOUR fondest birthday memory and post a pic of my candy/link back here on YOUR blog's sidebar (1 entry)

  • If you are not yet a follower, please become one and comment below on YOUR fondest birthday memory, then post a pic of my candy/link back here on YOUR blog's sidebar... (1 entry)

  • Please take a moment to play along with the Design Dollies anytime this month and of course comment back here that you HAVE played along with the Dolls (with a pic of my candy/link back here on YOUR blog's sidebar)...(1 entry)

  • IF you play with the Dollies on March 16th, I'll be directing you back to my blog for more, well, of me (and you'll get another 3 entries for playing with MY Elements challenge that week after you post a comment here and link your blog back to my candy)

Ok, so I'm an English teacher, but I THINK that gives everyone at least...16 chances to win (if you play with ALL the Dollies challenges, that is!!!) :)

I will keep this post up and running until Midnight on March 31st, so until then, happy scrapping, and thanks for playing!!! :)


  1. I'm so glad you let us know it's your birthday!! Happy Birthday, girl!!!!!

  2. first of all, this candy is FABULOUS.
    second, i've got it posted in my sidebard!
    third, i'm SO excited to be able to see you the day BEFORE your birthday (and if i stay late enough, i can celebrate in the wee hours with you!)! it's been TOO LONG!
    fourth, my favourite birthday memory would be when i turned 12 and my dad gave me my first TEN-SPEED BIKE. i looked ridiculous on that thing, but i thought i was the coolest thing since sliced bread! (i was right, of course!) the bike came after i'd gotten all my presents and i thought the festivities had ended. :)

  3. Hey Adina,
    I thought I had been following your blog. But I don't know what happened. I'm now following your blog, have your candy posted in my sidebar. A memory of my year my b-day landed on Friday the 13th. I remember falling and spliting my chin.

  4. WOW!! What fabulous candy to be giving away!! So funny in honor of YOUR birthday you are giving away a present!! LOL But happy early birthday!

    Oh...and my fondest birthday memory- definitely has to be my 19th birthday when I had my daughter Emma :) She was just a month old and was the best birthday/Christmas present I could have ever gotten! She saved me from doing alot of stupid things including an abusive ex! My little life saver:)

    I will link this back to my blog and let ya know I did!

  5. What a fantabulous way to celebrate your birthday!! Your blog has been linked has been on my sidebar for ages (with all the Dollies) but I'm a follower now too. I've posted the piccie and candy there too. I don't really have a stand-out birthday memory but I really enjoyed going out for coffee and cake with my girlfriends last year - those girls are the BEST!

  6. Ms Adina you are sidebared!! LOL I will check out those Dollies as well and hopefully I will have the time to get on some of those challenges!Thanks again sweety!

  7. I've played along with 2 of the design challenges for this month, the color challenge, royal blue, light blue, and lime green, and the elements challenge, yellow, and sun. Here's my page.

  8. Me AGAIN...LOL I played over at the Dollies for the first time EVER! And I loved the sketch you guys had up! here's the linky to my blog post!

  9. AMY BEANS played with the Dollies!!!!!!!!! WHoo HOOO!!! Don't forget to come play on March 16th!!

  10. Happy Birthday,Adina!I am a follower also and added a link to the sidebar
    Thank you so much for the chance to take part!!!

    Greetings from Russia,

  11. Hello! Happy Birthday, girl ))))
    Many thanks for the nice opportunity to take part in this giveaway. I am a follower now. I linked this on sidebar
    Have a nice day. Hugs from Larisa

  12. Thanks for joining in on the fun ladies!! Please remember to let me know YOUR favorite birthday memories when you comment... I guess I'm just nosy like that, lol, but I LOVE hearing your stories!!!!!!!! :)

  13. Happy Birthday!
    Thank you so much for offering us all a chance to win your gorgeous candy..I am already a follower and have added your candy to my blog Lepesto4ex

  14. Hey A! I thought I was a follower, but I guess I wasn't. I am now :) My poor lil scrappy blog is so neglected. I haven't posted anything new in months.
    Anyhow, I guess my favorite birthday memory is my 16th birthday when my mom threw me a suprise party.

  15. What beautiful candy!!! I just became a follower and my fondest birthday memory was prabably when I turned was my first BIG party and we rented a place and invited all of my school buddies. My best g/f was also celebrating a bday that same week so we had a dual party....lots of fun. And believe it or not it was my first real party ever!

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  17. It's me again! I just played with the Dollies again. Here's my page.

  18. Hello! Happy Birthday, girl ))))
    Many thanks for the nice opportunity to take part in this giveaway. I am a follower now. I linked this on sidebar

  19. OK, did something happen with your followers?? I see a couple above that say they thought they were followers but turned out they weren', too! I could have SWORN I was a follower!!!!! Well, now I am!! Hope you have a great bday! (And I'm so jealous Leah gets to celebrate with you IRL!) I am so excited for your 3/16 challenge. Woohoo!! Trying to get some ideas right now. ;oD Hugs!

  20. OMG I watched "The Jane Austin Book Club" this last Saturday and I loved it, I just want to read each of the books again, my birthday is 26th of this wonderful month and I have just entered in the "Lucky" challenge at Design Dollies also, wow what a co-incidence, my dream is to obviously scrap but to also be in a book club just like the movie, so if you are interested I have another lady who would join us obviously online, I can ashamedly admit to not reading any of her books, I am an accountant via online adult eduction so missed the wonderful year 11 and 12 english. I just don't know which book to read first. If you can enlighten me, I cannot believe I found this wonderful blog. Melxxx

  21. Forgot to mention my favourite birthday memory is my 40th (almost 2 years ago) mum and dad, my best friend Jan, sister and husband and of course my gorgeous little 1 year old (at the time) through a little dinner party for me, it was such a surprise, I enjoyed every minute. Love Melxxx

  22. Such a gorgeous candy! wud luv to have those.. Anyway Happy birthday to u, wish u all the happiness and have a great one!
    I've just turned 33 last January and had celebrated it with my beloved girlfriends and families. Had rent out a place for a birthday getaway BBQ and the girlfriend surprise me with cakes and cuppies!
    Hope u'll have a great bday too!

    here's my link:

  23. i'm just gonna leave a comment on the 30th telling you how many times i've played with the Dollies this month. :) don't want you to get sick of seeing comments from me! xoxoox

  24. Happy Birthday to you and to my Son. Yes, you're sharing the same day. He's turning 13 (and knows how to scrap, too). For sure you're a lovely and generous person as well. A friend to turn to! Am I right?
    My birthdays have always been special though i must say, the best so far was my 40th where I celebrated it 5x over in a week time with each group of friends and families. Thanks for these yummy stuff. I'm drooling!

  25. ooopps, here's my link:

  26. Happy Birthday Adina!

    I am a new follower and I have added your candy to my sidebar at Create With Joy. Please stop by when you have a moment - I'd love to meet you and I'd be delighted if you joined my family of Kindred Spirits too! :-)

    My best birthday memory? My husband surprised me with a scavenger gift hunt when I returned from a day of scrapping - this preceded a night on the town - I love games and this was just amazing!

    Ramona :-)

  27. Hi again Adina! Happy Happy Birthday to you.. I have added your candy to my blog and here's also my take for design dollies...

  28. Hi again, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This isn't a candy entry, it's just a birthday greeting :) Hope you have an amazing day xx

  29. Happy Birthday thanks for chance to win some birthday candy.Im follower and take part in the challenges also.
    My fav birthday memory wasntr for me but when my daughter turned 2 the candles just wouldnt blow out by the time she came to blow them out she turned and said i have no puff can you help mummy!funny how things stick in your mind but happy memories at that .Have added your candy to my candy jar
    thanks again hun
    hugs jude:)

  30. Hey Adina!! It's me AGAIN lol!! I played over at the Dollies again and NOW I am headed to do your fabulous birthday challenge!! Love you girly!! HAPPIEST belated Birthday!!

  31. Happy Birthday! I've got one coming up on April Fool's day! I've become a follower and posted a picture of your knock out candy on my side bar. My favorite birthday was when I turned 21 and my dad took my to Las Vegas, just the two of us. Is was so exciting especially when we played craps and I was really really lucky. I kept playing silly little bets, but my rolls made the table so much money the men were throwing chips at me!


  32. Oh Adina, I have fallen for the Dollies because of you! I just HAD to do your challenge, so I did! Here is the link to my blog!

  33. thank for the beautiful candy! happy birthday- enjoy your day! my birthday best memory is my trip fo london with mom...
    i post it here:


    My name is Tania. I am from Russia. Thanks for the candy! Happy birthday again!

  35. Hi there,I am a new follower and will put your pic of goodies up in minute. I don't have any great b-days but I do have a worst one. It was when I turned 30 and was just upset about it don't know why cause turning 40 I took with stride,lol. :-)

  36. Happy belated birthday! I'm a new follower now :) I guess my favorite birthday memory is my 18th birthday when my mom threw me a suprise party and it was unusually hot outside (I have my bday on 31st of March) Hope to win)) Thanks for the chance! I've added the link to my sidebar.

  37. Hi Adina

    I know you're birthday is passed but I hope you had a great day!
    My Birthday-Memory; very difficult; but in the year 2003 I became 20 years and I got a lot of Indian Stuff from the mother of my (now ex-)boyfriend.
    I really love indian- stuff, I don't know why...

    I became one of you're followers and I've entered you're candy in the sidebar of my blog!

    Come to visit my blog here

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    XXX Kim

  38. Wpisuje się Ada,która z e-mailem tutaj wpada

  39. Miss Adina, if you haven't noticed I am a wee bit obsessed with the Dollies!!

  40. LOL, Amy, I SO SO SO see you at the Dollies ALL the time!! :) You go girl!!!

  41. Hi Adina,
    Just posting my additional entries for playing along with the Dollies this month, you may have noticed I pop in from time to time, LOL!!!

    First, here's my scraplift of YOU for three entries:

    And, in addition: I played along with the other 3x elements challenges, 4x colour challenges, and 3x sketch challenges.

    Not sure if I'll finish the latest sketch or colour challenge by 31st March, but I'll pop back with another post if I do.

    Hope you're having a wonderful month of March :)

  42. 10 challenges done for the Dollies this month, Dollie! :) one of them was even an extra.

    i want more of that awesome cake, by the way. it was YUMMEH (despite the bakery from which it originated...)

  43. Candy is PURRFECT!!! Please please could I win it? I follow you and linked your candy to my sidebar at
    My best Birthday memory? Probably it's when I was pregnant at my Birthday - I have been waiting for it for so long!
    Happy Birthday to you and best Birthday memories!

  44. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
    i know you're birthday is passed but I hope you had a great day!
    My Birthday-Memory: is a giant pie surprise
    saluti dall'italia public the post on
    Hugs, rosa
    i am new follower

  45. Hiya Adina,

    Just popping back again (sick of me yet??) to let you know I finished off the last sketch + the last colour challenge... so another two entries...

  46. Happy Birthday, Adina. I´m following your blog and played with the Dollies. My favorite birthday memory was last year, when I made 40, and all my friends came to give congrats. XOXO

  47. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day today, filled with lots and lots of fun with family and friends :)



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