Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Graduation Season is Upon us..

And last weekend the BA Class of 2012 bid their final farewells and took their first steps into adulthood. I can't say it wasn't a tear filled event, nor can I say I was totally unhappy it was their time to leave our hallowed halls... The Class of 2012 has such a special place in my heart for so many reasons...

I have taught many of them since they were Sophomores and because of that, I have had the joy of being a part of their lives for longer than usual. Which brings its own set of ups and downs, but also made me infinitely more attached to them than to any class before. I have been a teary mess since, say, April, because as I saw these ladies blossoming into young women before my eyes, I would flash back to when they were scared little sophomores and I'd realize just how far they have come...

I also had the chance to take ten of these girls with me to London and Paris this past April, so the bonding there grew even more... to the point that I honestly feel their loss in the hallways. I have been accused of having favorites this year. And with the exception of two or three girls in the class, I have to say that it is an accurate assessment... except that for so many different reasons they are ALL my favorites! I have, of course, one or two I'd personally adopt into my family, but there are so many special individuals in this class and I cannot WAIT to see how far they go in their own personal lives.

So with a somewhat heavy heart, I am sending my own personal farewell to a class that has taught me as much as I have taught them... A class who has fought me tooth and nail at times but a class who has enriched my personal and professional life as well. This class, I will never forget... Congrats girls!

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