Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason; and, in my opinion, exertion should always be in proportion to what is required."(P&P)

I know, I know... I've been awfully MIA this pregnancy.... But shall I throw a hint to my loyal followers and say I've FINALLY begun my pre-birthday celebration with a gift chance for YOU?? Tune back in during the month of March to see what goodies I'm able to compile in honor of my thirty (gulp) third bday...

In the meantime, I HAVE been crafty... but again, I can't post the stuff till it goes "Live" with the Dollies, because honestly I try my hardest to just get THOSE challenges out of the way before I scrap anything else... and then I run out of time or mojo or energy!! :) BUT it's snowing out again today, so maybe we can get scrappy in the interim??

Let's see...

Did I mention my chagrin when I found out that Ranger is discontinuing Crackle Accents and I had JUST finished my last bottle on some layouts? WELL, here's one of those final projects...

And here's a layout of my loves... And my teenage loves, New Kids on the Block, lol... They STILL have it going on...
Hey, if any of you bloggers out there have a tutorial on how to take a better picture of a 12X12 layout, please pass it along... I STILL (obviously) struggle with getting just the right shot of my work... Cards are easier MOST of the time, but I can't seem to get my 12X12s to look the way I'd like them to... :) Thanks!!!

(oh, pregnancy update... still due June 26th or July 6th, and Elijah is growing very nicely. We had a sonogram yesterday and we saw his spine, confirmed his gender again, lol, and saw him moving around, which was pretty cool... I SHOULD be scrapping his sonogram pictures but who has time??) :)


  1. Wow, amazing layouts! I love love love the cracked love tickets!! Ive lost all ability to photograph my layouts so am doubly hoping some one answers you!!!!

    Elijah is a darling name. Congratulations

  2. Loving what you do with the Crackle Accents :) Better run out and snaffle another bottle before they sell out.

    When I photograph layouts I have my camera on a tripod and flip the camera so it's facing straight down with the layout directly underneath so it's 'square' on. I zoom in so one edge aligns with the top of the view finder. Then I crop square in Photoshop and tweak a smidgin with the 'skew' tool if it's not exactly square.

    If you don't have a tripod just stand directly above with your feet either side of the LO and take it like that. (Not sure if this would work with a baby belly though... LOL) OR sometimes I blu-tac to a blank wall and take the photo directly at eye level.

    Whatever method you use, just make sure your lighting is good, natural light is best, not in direct sunlight or with harsh shadows.

    For my closeups I just get down at whatever angle I can to get a better shot - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't *smile*


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