Sunday, November 8, 2009

Uh oh... could that be MOJO flowing???

It's still going strong I believe... :) Melanie has me making cards today... she's up to her fourth card (which I think I'll have her post later so everyone can see just how cool she is... she's working with Bellas and rub ons right about now!

Here's my one humble card using the 365 Cards sketch:
And here are ALL of Melanie's gorgeous creations! :) I'm so proud of my little six year old... she really IS a mini-me... She was just laughing at me for taking so long to finish one little card while she wrapped up all four of hers. So she went to go watch Annie while I tried to catch up! :) Gotta love kids!!!


  1. very cute images! I love those bella ladies... the christmas tree is so festive and modern. very fun take on the challenge!

  2. Great card, and a fun take on the sketch, very nice!

  3. she makes four to your one, you make four to my one... you ROCKED with your mojo this weekend! i had a ton of fun, and these new ones from both of you are lovely!

  4. I love your card, but your dd is pretty good too! Those Bella's are super cute. I just found one on clearance at my I brought her home! LOL

  5. wow!!!! love your card and your dd's....such fabulous talent in the family:)


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